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Joseph Parker goes in on Anthony Joshua on Twitter!

What's Fresh 10/11/2017

WBO champion Joseph Parker has engaged in a Twitter battle with IBF, WBA and IBO Anthony Joshua saying he is not trying to sell his WBO belt.

Speaking to iFL TV on Thursday (NZ time), Joshua claimed the 25-year-old Parker was more interested in money than trying to become the best which rubbed Parker the wrong way.

You hear like Joseph Parker saying oh they offered like 20 percent of the pot and I'm not happy with that - I'm not fighting him for 20 percent

Are you trying to sell yourself to fight?

Are you trying to sell your belt? Some people contradict what they're saying.

That forced Parker to send Joshua a tweet last night saying:

my belt's never for sale but I'll add your two to my collection when you're ready.

Joshua replied a few hours later:

Sips tea, continues to read tweets & refreshes email... Still No Offer.

Parker's promoter David Higgins then got involved, saying he would be happy for Parker to take 40 percent of a potential purse, with Joshua claiming the "upside" and 60 percent.

Joshua didn't reply to Higgins, but something made him crack as he went on the attack, lashing out at other heavyweight boxers. 

"A little word on the Deontay Wilder fight. Ready & waiting for the offer," Joshua tweeted.

Things went to a whole new level when in his tweet about Tyson Fury, writing: "& get fit you fat f***."

That then forced Tyson Fury to reply and slam his fellow countryman. 

"This is a message to the weightlifter, big Anthony Joshua, the big tough man," Fury said on social media.

"He told me to get fit, the "fat f***," it's a new one as he usually doesn't swear as he's not himself. So he's being himself now, which is good.

"To be honest with you me old mate, I don't need to get fit for somebody like you at all, I'll come to you and punch your face right in, even at 25 stone.

"I really don't need to get fit so I really don't need to get fit for you, put it that way. I've seen what you're all about. You fought a midget [Carlos Takam] the other day in a hard fight.

"The referee had to stop it in case you got caught or beat. Bum City like I always said: no gas, no stamina, too many weights. You want to practice on a bit more speed and less power. Bum."