Anthony Joshua’s promoter savagely calls out Joseph Parker at a press conference

What's Fresh 23/11/2017

Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn has taken a jab at WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker and Duco events following an embarrassing press conference on Wednesday.

Parker's promoters - Duco Events - released a video which showed IBF, IBO WBA champion Joshua copping punishment in both amateur and professional ranks.

The video also included claims from former sparring partners, confirming they had sent the Brit to the canvas.

On top of that, Duco also dared Hearn and Joshua to accept their "final bottom-line" of a 65-35 split in the British boxer's favour as the camps continue to clash heads over negotiations in an attempt to unify the heavyweight division

Speaking to Sky Sports UK, Hearn said he felt like that press conference did very little to help Parker's creditability, but admitted both sides are close to a deal.

"We are getting closer on a deal, but holding a press conference in a broom cupboard with a promotional video that looks like it's been done by my eight-year-old daughter is not the one, in terms of justifying your commercial value," Hearn told Sky Sports UK.

"Negotiations are ongoing and we are hoping a deal can be reached."

Parker's promoter David Higgins was quick to dismiss Hearn's criticism and instead told him to focus on reaching a deal for the fight with Joshua.

"If you actually watched the press conference, what we said was correct, serious, and pure fact," Higgins told Sky Sports UK.

"What Eddie should be worried about is Joshua's chin, not our press conference. It's pathetic.

"Parker is unbeaten, he's a world champion, and he deserves 35 percent. They will pay us 35 percent and not one percent less, or we'll take another fight, and we might lose, and they might fight [WBC champion Deontay] Wilder. So be the case.

"But I tell you this, Joseph Parker, his family, the trainer and me, we are united and we are adamant that's the deal. Let's make the fight."

If the deal falls through, Parker is expected to fight Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne.