The artist who lived with pigs and became a human sofa

What's Fresh 26/10/2017

Kalisolaite 'Uhila lived with pigs for eight days, cooked himself in an oven, became a human couch and slept on the streets of Tฤmaki Makaurau for three months, all in the name of art.

Uhila has now won the Contemporary Pacific Artist Award at this year's Creative New Zealand's Pasifika Awards.ย 

'Uhila is an inspiration; we look forward to seeing what he'll create next.

Picture a stop sign. If you keep going straight at a stop sign, you're just going to keep hitting the stop sign without stopping,

So it's trying to find another way. So if the stop's sign's there, I might go around it, I might go underneath it, or I might climb over the stop sign.