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Dwayne Wade calls out Lebron James for being the cheapest player in the NBA

Hip Hop Hollywood 17/10/2017

LeBron James isn’t just one of the most loved NBA players; in a recent interview his bro Dwayne Wade called him out as the cheapest players in the NBA. 

The interview definitely shows that Lebron is hella cheap. 


He ain’t using his phone if it ain’t Wi-Fi.


No, I’m not doing that. I’m not turning on data roaming. I’m not buying no apps. I still got Pandora with commercials…


You know you’re rich, right?


I’m not paying for it. I’m not paying.

Dwyane and LeBron seem pretty tight in this interview; they’re basically #friendshipgoals.

Lebron’s keeping his money close; at least he’ll have enough money saved up to buy himself an NBA team right?!