These are the top 10 brands that Kiwis love

What's Fresh 08/09/2017

Colmar Brunton has released their '2017 Brands I Love rankings' to see what our favourite brands over the past 12 months have been. Taking out the number 1 spot for a third year in a row was Whittaker's (which we can totally see why, their peanut butter chocolate #yum) but in a suprise turn of events, they weren't the only ones to take out the top spot.

Proving they've got a thing for draws this year, The All Blacks tied equal with Whittaker's to claim the title for 2017.

Here's NZ's top 10 favourite brands:

1st (tied).    Whittaker's
1st (tied).    All Blacks    
3rd.            Air New Zealand 
4th.            Tip Top
5th.            Edmonds
6th (tied).   Pineapple Lumps
6th (tied).   Trade Me   
6th (tied).   Wattie's
9th.            New World
10th.          Mainland

Story via The Edge