Everyone is shocked after discovering what Travis Scott's real name is

Hip Hop Hollywood 25/09/2017

Everyone is lowkey shocked after it's been revealed what Travis Scott's real name is.

Travis Scott has blwon up in mainstream media as of recent, and by mainstream media we mean young girls who are in love with Kylie Jenner. The rapper has been going out with the youngest Kardashian sibling for a couple months now and rumours are swirling that Travis got Kylie pregnant...

That's still unconfirmed though.

Nonetheless, Kylie's fans have been on a rampage finding out everything they can about their favourite stars potential baby-daddy and they unconvered a pretty big truth that had even fans of Travis Scott surprised. 

Travis Scott's real name is Jacques Webster Jr.

We have goosebumps. (See what we did there?)

So why the name change? In 2014, Scott explained the name change.  

“My uncle's name is Travis. He was like my favorite uncle. My favorite relative... I looked up to him and sh*t. That n**** was just cool as f*ck. He always just had swag. He played golf and sh*t. He just had swag. That n**** was just smart. Always made good decisions, good business decisions."

He then went on to say how Scott came around.

"The Scott comes from him, too, that was his nickname. I was, like, man, if I wanted to be a rapper I wanted to be this n****. He has this ill-ass crib, is fresh as hell, has all this land. N**** is smooth. Travis is smooth. I've always been smooth."