Drake has the cutest tribute to Beyonce in his house

Hip Hop Hollywood 07/09/2017

Drake is coming back to Aotearoa later this year and we are so excited to see him at Spark Arena, but before he comes we thought it could be cool to learn a little more about Drizzy.

Sure we know he hails from Toronto, Canada and that he was an actor before he was rapper but thanks to Drake's recent Instagram post, we discovered that in his recording studio he has a pretty prominent piece of artwork that we assume helps him bring inspiration to his work.

Now we can confirm that Queen Bey is a major influence on his work, because he's got a photo of her hanging on his wall.

The post, which the artist captioned "4 MILLI COMING SOON," is a snap of the whole room, but eagle-eyed fans spotted the full-blown portrait of the "Formation" singer on the left side of the frame.