Usher's Alleged STD Exposure Accuser steps up in court to describe what happened play-by-play

Hip Hop Hollywood 08/08/2017

Quantasia Sharpton has stepped up to the stands in a live new s conference to give reporters a play-by-play as to what happened the night that she allegedly caught herpes off of Usher after engaging in sexual relations with him. Quantasia claims that when she was 19 Usher picked at a concert and the later had sex during which he allegedly exposed to her to genital herpes.

Alongside her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who was Blac Chyna's lawyer for her restraining order against Rob Kardashian, Quantasia Sharpton gave reporters a play-by-play as to to what she claims happened that night.

Quantasia claims she does not have herpes, but still feels violated and should therefore be compensated.