Rihanna responds to body shamers in new video of her buying snacks

Hip Hop Hollywood 31/07/2017

Rihanna is well aware of all the bodyshamers out to get her at the moment. Amongst rumours of people accusing her of getting too thick and saying that she's pregnant, Rih has posted a video to Instagram clapping back at the haters.

Even commenting on one of her fans Instagram videos about her.

One of Rih's Instagram fan accounts posted a video from 2015 of her buying Cheetos and Apple Jacks cereal with the caption: 'Everybody who calling rob too fat @mdollas11 telling you what to do in this video K !! #mindyourown #eatallyouwant @badgalriri i got you'

In the two-year-old video clip, the person shooting Rihanna as she shops in a convenience store says: 'In two minutes you have four snacks?' to which Rihanna flashes a cheeky grin.

Rihanna's best friend then steps in to tell the shooter: 'You're judging her, stop judging her!'

The fan page clearly meant the photo caption as a supportive comment, but when the 29-year-old superstar saw it, she remarked: 'Somebody called me too fat?'