People are p*ssed at Taylor Swift after her full on shady move with her new album

Hip Hop Hollywood 26/08/2017

Taylor Swift has just dropped her first single since her album 1989, 3 years ago. Many fans highly anticpated the single and it fell into a mixed bag of reviews due to Taylor's new sound. It seems she's steering away from the bubblegum pop sound.

Taylor Swift's feuds with fellow celebrities is no secret. It seems she has made many enemies over the years, with one of the most famous being her feud with Kanye West. One that started back at the MTV VMAs many moons ago when he famously interupted her acceptance speech and then it was brought to light again when Kim and Kanye released recordings of Taylor Swift saying she liked Kanye's song that he mentioned her in after she publicly called out Kanye for calling her a 'bitch' on the track. Even though she approved it.

It seemed the feud settled down a bit with Taylor's absence. But then she released the artwork for her new album 'Reputation' and everyone couldn't help but notice how the font she usd for the album is almost identical to the Saint Pablo font that Kanye uses in his Yeezy collection.

Kanye fans were pretty peeved at that, saying she was straight up shading Yeezy himself. But now Kanye West fans are fuming. Taylor Swift has revealed the date she is releasing her full album and it falls on a very significant day in Kanye Wests life.

November 10. The day Kanye's beloved mum, Donda West, passed away. In fact, this year would be the 10 year anniversary of her death.

People on Twitter are using some pretty choice words to describe Swift's latest move against Kanye West. And to be fair if she really is using this as a way to get back at Kanye, then it is pretty damn low. 

Everyone knows how much Kanye loved his mum. HIs meltdowns last year coincided with Donda's death anniversary last year. So we wouldn't be surprised if this here pushes him into a full on rage.