10 Kiwi words that are not used enough

Hip Hop Hollywood 15/08/2017

Throughout the years in Aotearoa we've had some pretty iconic slang words added into our lingo. While some are still used pretty often in everyday language, a lot of dropped out of our everday chats. 

Here's some of the more memorable words, make sure you tell us any we've missed!


To really emphasize how cool or good something is.



Made famous from that 'Oi Jeff!' drink driving ad back in the day. Manus was used as a playful insult to your mates.

'Ooh ya manus' (or see video below)

Nek minnit

'Left my scooter outside the dairy... nek minnit' an absolute piece of NZ gold. This piece of content had everyone using the catch phrase 'nek minnit'. 


A shorter version of 'gangster' used usually to describe an act or subject that is gangster.

'Show us your new phone case? Yo, that's gank!'



A referring term for you or someone, or a negative comment if said by itself. The word "ow" has various uses, at the start and/or atthe end of a sentence or even by itself.

"Ow what are you doing?" Or "What are you doing ow?"

Not even

Means exactly that, but you can have the ow word attached to it to give more emphasis to a specific thing or a person.

"Not even ow!"


To forcibly insert your finger in somebody's butt. (As originally performed by Rugby League player John Hopoate).

"Watch out - I'll Hopoate you!"


Referring to someone who loves food a lot.

"Stop being a hungus!"