Kehlani flies NZ Tattoo artist overseas to meet her and give her Kirituhi

What's Fresh 31/08/2017

Looks like Kehlani has well and truly fallen in love with Aotearoa and our Māori culture after she took to her Instagram to reveal her new Kirituhi.

"Last night I got a tattoo from a wonderful man who flew from New Zealand to Sydney just to give me this blessing.. a Māori Tāmoko from New Zealand (Aotearoa), the piece representing my whānau/family, 6 koru representing my 4 siblings here on earth and the 2 that have transferred into the next life. 2 mangopare/hammerhead sharks representing guidance and strength through adversity and tribulation." Kehlani captioned the post.

"Lastly paying tribute to my ancestors , our land, air and sea. Give thanks, big love and thanks to @maia_ink for making the trip, the offering & the art. May my body continue to be a vessel."

The Papakura (Auckland) based artist, @maia_ink, shared a photo of himself doing Kehlani's Tāmoko on his Instagram. 

The pic features Kehlani repping her self-confessed Paikea inspired haircut and a Maia Ink hoodie, as well as the beautiful piece as well.