Justin Bieber gets exposed after sliding into a businesses DMs to find out who their worker was

Hip Hop Hollywood 14/08/2017

Sometimes even the biggest stars have to get their 'ins' like the way the rest of us do - via sliding into DMs on Instagram. 

While scrolling through his Instagram feeds, Bieber discovered a small gym in America. The gym boasted just 73 followers and was slowly starting to grow its following. 22 year old Jessica Gober was tasked by her gym with growing its Instagram following. So she posted a boomerang of herself promoting an energy drink.

Biebs saw the post, somehow, in what must of been a rather intense stalking session and he decided to bite the bullet and slide into the gym's DMs to ask about who the woman the Instagram post was.

Jessica documented the exchange on her Twitter.

The online chat around Bieber's actions were mixed.