Here's how you can see who left your friend requests hanging

What's Fresh 29/08/2017

A lot of people don't actually click "reject" when strangers add them, they just, sort of, leave them hanging.

YOU can actually see who has left you hanging. Wanna see? Your intial thought is probably 'no' because, um awks, but now also you gotta know, don't ya!

Click this link to see who you've requested

Or follow the steps below - it's different for the app vs the desktop site!

1. Click on "Find Friends"

2. Then click on "View Sent Requests" — this is the list of people who have left you pending. (The person below has been a bit naughty, leaving 4 people hanging...)

On the mobile Facebook app, go into the three lines at the bottom corner.

Then go into "Friends". Then you'll see "Outgoing".

Sorry for any hurt feelings you have from this.

Post via The Edge