Anika Moa suffers major hearing loss

Hip Hop Hollywood 25/08/2017

Anika Moa is suffering major hearing loss after an ear ruptured and became severely infected.

The Kiwi singer, who only this week announced a nationwide tour set for September and October, has penned a heartfelt note over her "horrific week".

Moa took to Instagram to share with fans about the problem, saying it's taken a week for her to find the strength to do so.

"I went to bed on Sunday night and woke with a sharp pain which turned into full on ear ache which then turned into severe pain. Then, my ear ruptured and now I can only hear 25 percent good," she says.

"The hearing eventually comes back, say the professionals, but it takes ages for the infection to go... For a singer, well, to not hear is a f**ked thing to go through in general but for me it's a career ender."

Moa made a special mention for her wife, former Campbell Live reporter Natasha Utting.

"My wife and best friend were angels and really were there for me. Makes me teary thinking about it."

The Instagram post has racked up over 600 likes in less than a day.

Moa is set to perform in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Timaru and Wanaka in September and October.