12 things you will only understand if you’ve ever lived in New Zealand

Hip Hop Hollywood 04/08/2017

A person who has lived in NZ for just shy of two years has created an epic list of the 12 things that only us Kiwis will ever understand.

1. People go barefoot everywhere

One of the first things that 'Wizz Picks' noticed was that everyone goes barefoot around Aotearoa. "There’s someone standing next to you in the supermarket queue barefoot? Normal.  You’re paying your electricity bill and nobody else is wearing shoes? Completely normal.  Ordering dinner at a cafe and your fellow dinners toes are on display? Nothin’ to it. "

2. Groceries are expensive

One thing that we ALL notice is that our price of our groceries are next level extreme. It's not uncommon to be spending upwards of $100 a week for just one person.

3. The coffee is the best in the world

Kiwis invented the Flat White Coffee. And Wizz Picks claims that trying one will change your coffee-drinking life. And we agree!

4. You have to go up to the counter and pay 

"A strange thing about New Zealand’s sit-down restaurants? At the end of the meal you will sit and wait, and wait, for the waiter to bring your bill.  Heads up: It will Never. Ever. Happen.  Eventually you’ll learn that it’s up to you to go and pay at the register."

5. There’s no such thing as tipping

While we would never say no to a cheeky tip here in NZ, it's not a necessity like it is  elsewhere in the world. But like Wizz Picks does point out, if you leave extra cash on the table after you pay for your meal, the waiter may chase you out and give you your spare change! 

6. The wildlife is very different

Dolphins, penguins, seals, Kiwis, tuataras, Tui, Wood Pigeons and more! Or wildlife is beautiful here in Aotearoa - and best of all no snakes!

7. There are earthquakes all the time

We are pretty used to earthquakes here... But that's not to say that the big ones still don't affect us.

8. No one uses cash

9. Kiwis are very friendly

"You will be hard pressed to find a rude person in NZ as Kiwis are very friendly to everyone. Visit any cafe or hotel, and you will notice the great kiwi hospitality, on top of excellence customer service."

10. New Zealanders use weird names for everyday items

Yeah, nah our language is a bit iffy ay, just coz we're all skuxx guy's who love to walk down to the dairy in our jandals with our stubbies on. Chur.

11. New Zealand is home to the most beautiful town in the world.

Wizz Pick said that Queenstown was the most beautiful town in the world, but we don't think that they've travelled all over Aotearoa. From the beaches in the far north and Cormandel to the beauty of the East Coast and the wild, rugged West Coast - NZ's full of beautiful landscapes.

12. Watties is not Heinz

Our tomato sauce is actually tomato sauce. Not Ketchup.