Steven Adams reveals the extremely strange thing he does while practicing free throws

Hip Hop Hollywood 31/07/2017

Steven Adams has been attempting to up his free throw game and the way he is going about improving is a little bit odd...

CBS Sports reported that Big Steve "is one of the NBA's worst free throw shooters" but also reveals that thanks to this odd trick, his numbers are improving.

It turns out that during his free throw sessions, Steve will have one of Oklahoma City's assistant coaches sneak up on him and punch him in the gut when he's not expecting it. Via the Norman Transcript:

"He plays one of the most physical styles of any NBA player. And he owns an unmatched, eccentric personality. So, when he's working from the charity stripe, he has Thunder assistant coach Darko Rajakovic come out of nowhere and, every once in a while, upper-cut him in the stomach just when he least expects it."