Rob Kardashian apologises to his family for that explicit rant about Blac Chyna

Hip Hop Hollywood 13/07/2017

Rob Kardashian has reportedly reached out to the rest of the Kardashian family to apologize after his massive social media meltdown over his split with Blac Chyna.

It's been pretty clear since the start of the relationship that Rob's family was not a fan of his relationship with Chyna, but once baby Dream was brought into the mix it seemed the family started to come to terms with Rob & Chyna as a pair. 

According to TMZ, Rob has now reached out to his family to apologise for the x-rated uploads that accused Blac of 'cheating' on him multiple times and only having Dream to get back at ex Tyga and then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner.  

"He's spoken with all of his sisters and his mom, telling them he has no excuse for posting nude pics of Chyna and her medical information on social media.  

"He said he regrets he didn't deal with the Chyna drama privately and said it wouldn't happen again," the insider revealed, before pointing out that Rob has conceded that the Kardashians were right to consider Blac "bad news" all along.

And while part of the internet were left scratching their heads after none of the Kardashian clan piped up during Rob's meltdown, turns out they were keeping silent to protect baby Dream and were encouraging Rob to put his phone down and help calm him down behind the scenes.