Piri Weepu shares his biggest secret that he hid while playing for the All Blacks

Hip Hop Hollywood 06/07/2017

Piri Weepu was labelled a legend after his efforts at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Social media went crazy with memes like 'Keep calm, Piri's on' amongst tens of others.

So it's kind of hard to believe that in an interview with espn.co.uk, Piri revealed a secret that could have seriously blown his All Blacks career. 

In the interview, Piri revealed that he would use his middle name to secretly run out for his rugby league club Wainuiomata Lions less than 24 hours after playing for the Hurricanes.

"We always used to figure out who was going to be there, and trying to work out whether the media would be there," he told espn.co.uk.

"Sometimes I'd put head gear on, or cover my face in mud right from the get go."

"I remember reading a few articles about when Jerry [Collins] got caught. He played against Wainui and my dad, being him, knew who he was but kept quiet. Jerry was just having fun. Every opportunity I'd want to go and play club rugby; even when we had the weekend off, I'd want to play grassroots rugby. It's where it began for me."