Lil Yachty's NZ show goes viral for his epic crowd surf

What's Fresh 26/07/2017

Lil Yachty's one and only NZ show went down last night in Auckland and it was SOLD OUT. 

While Yachty kept pretty quiet when Mai Home Run had a chat to him on their show, he brought the energy to the Powerstation and had the whole venue HYPE.

In fact, they got so hype that Lil Yachty and a few of his guys did an epic stage dive, complete with alcohol flying everywhere for effect. The dive has gone viral online with everyone wishing they were there!

Concert-goer Kersti Ward also captured the moment where a punter leapt from the second story of the venue into the crowd. Watch above.

See if you can spot Dani, Fame or DJ Sir-Vere amongst the crowd...

Video source: Kersti Ward