Kiwis living overseas reveal the foods they miss the most

What's Fresh 24/07/2017

Considering Kiwis can't fly - there's a tonne of Kiwi's living overseas, and they've all been there a while. Popular NZ news site Stuff asked a bunch of NZer's who are currently doing a stint overseas what foods they are missing the most from their motherland, Aotearoa.

"I miss Marmite, Watties tomato sauce (Heinz ketchup, just isn't the same) and Cookie Time cookies, especially the double chocolate ones when blasted in the microwave." - Tasman Davids, ballet dancer living in Russia

"I miss Kiwi dip the most. I went back to New Zealand earlier this year, and ate dip every day that I was at my parents' house. I stocked up on cans of reduced cream and sachets of onion soup before flying back to Canada, as well as BBQ Shapes to eat with the dip (I won't hear a word against it). Now we have to ration our reduced cream until we get another Kiwi visitor, making dip our ultimate special occasion food! I've heard of other Kiwis using 'evaporated milk' to make it here, but I haven't reached that point of desperation yet." - Laura McQuillan, journalist in Canada

"I recently got my mum in Wellington to send me two cans of reduced cream and two sachets of Maggi onion soup mix. They do something similar here in Canada, but with sour cream instead and it just doesn't match up. Apparently reduced cream is some weirdly exclusive Kiwi thing. I'm not sure it was worth it for $30. Kiwi Onion Dip is nice, but it's not that nice - I basically just wanted to prove a point to my friends over here that our version of the dip was better than theirs. The thing I miss most, though, is gold Squiggles. It's the undisputed international king of the biscuits. It's a damn shame I can't get them here." - Sam Boyer, journalist in Canada

"I bloody miss our avocados. The ones here have about 50 per cent of the flavour and 50 per cent of the creaminess. You can't make good guacamole with the ones here. I've known guac that hasn't been finished because it's so average. That's a travesty." - Jessica Dickson, lawyer living in London

"As much as I really appreciate all the crazy confectionery flavours here (wasabi flavoured Kit Kat for example), I miss a good block of Whittaker's chocolate. Also, the ice cream here can be amazing, but I do miss being able to get hokey pokey. I went to a restaurant once that claimed to have hokey pokey ice cream but all it was was vanilla ice cream on top of cornflakes." - Tao Lin, journalist living in Japan

"I miss Bluebird chips! The ones here are thin and oily and they call them 'crisps' which just feels wrong. Also, there is only one place in London I know of that sells Maggie onion soup mix and reduced cream. And the chocolate here is weird. They have Cadbury, but it's not proper Cadbury like in New Zealand. They don't have Whittaker's here. You definitely can't get a good gas station Big Ben pie, which is strange as it's literally their national monument or whatever.

Also, barbecues aren't really a thing over here. People have them and obviously know what they are, but you'd have to find out if someone actually has one here, rather than just knowing they will have a barbecue, like in New Zealand. Picnics in the park with packaged foods from Marks & Spencer's isn't really the same." - Georgia Wilson, physiotherapist living in London

"Definitely miss fresh, juicy fruit (particularly nectarines), and fish that doesn't cost £9 a pop." - Sam Proposch, accountant living in London