Guy writes horrible post about why he thinks Kiwi woman are the worst

What's Fresh 19/07/2017

A guy called 'Hamish Rangi' has written an explicit and disturbing piece of writing about the reasons why he thinks that Kiwi woman are the worst in the Western World. 

He says the woman of New Zealand are "painfully average", "they are sl**s", that they are "agressive", have bad style, are too masculine and that they are feminists.

The post, which is one year old, has been reshared by Millie Elder-Holmes and has fast infuriated hundreds of Kiwi women and what Millie wrote about the article in the caption really sums it up.

"The fact that a New Zealand man has written this about New Zealand women I think shows the serious lack of respect and appreciation for what I consider some of the most amazing, kind, inspirational forward thinking women on the planet. 
I really hope this isn't the opinion of the majority of NZ men. Who else has seen this article!?"

The full article is full of explicit content and gross and derogatory words about our women and is really bad.

One of Millie's followers described what the site he published his writing "is a "Mens Rights" group. Basically a bunch of woman - hating weirdos who aren't representative of anyone." she goes on to add not to "honour them with a page click, they might start thinking someone actually cares about their masturbatory drivel."