Find out how many Kiwis have the same birthday as you

Hip Hop Hollywood 07/07/2017

How cool is this!

If you've ever wondered how many people in Aotearoa have the same birthday as you, Statistics New Zealand has got you!

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Analysis of births data from 1980 to 2015 shows:

  • 30 September is the most common birthday
  • the 10 most common birthdays all appear in the 10-day period from 22 September to 1 October
  • the least common birthday is 25 December (apart from 29 February, which only occurs in leap years)
  • the least common birthdays tend to be around public holidays: 24–27 December, 1–2 January, 6 February (Waitangi Day), 25 April (ANZAC Day).

Feeling so common now lol