Blac Chyna's mum Tokyo Toni jumps in the mix for the ChynaXRob feud - everyone shuts her down

Hip Hop Hollywood 12/07/2017

Whenever there is drama going down in Blac Chyna's life, you can always count on her mama Tokyo Toni to be right there, getting herself all up in the business and defending her baby.

This time round with the whole Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna-restraining order-nudes leaked-online abuse-scandal, is no exception.

Multiple news sources and pop culture social media sites reposted the video of Tokyo Toni's video that she shot saying that she's going to reveal all the details about what really went on behind closed doors, and the comments and replies on the videos were next level.

No one was taking any of the bait, and got straight into shutting Tokyo Chyna down.

"In the middle of what ? B--CH SHUT UP" one Instagrammer wrote.

"She cashing in on her daughter selling her soul" another commented.

Tweets also revealed what everyone thought about her wee spiel...