Blac Chyna reveals what she wants in a man following split with Rob Kardashian

Hip Hop Hollywood 13/07/2017

Last week Rob Kardashian made the ultimate low move when he posted revenge porn of Blac Chyna on his Insta account.

We haven't heard much from Chyna since then, revealing to US Weekly that she's been "taking a classier route" and focusing on her friends and family over the drama.

Understandably Chyna says she's not ready to get back into the dating world yet, but she definitely knows what she wants in a man when she reaches that point.

"I would like somebody confident, who takes care of his business, is strong, healthy … Somebody that loves their family and treats their friends right — and treats me right."

"Once respect comes, then love comes and when love comes, a really healthy relationship comes."

And we may be seeing some more mini Chyna's when that time does come!

"I wanna have maybe like two more … I wouldn't mind having four; I think four is a good number. No more after that. Five is too many, I'd have to get a minivan for sure, and I'm not riding in no minivan."

At least she can still have a laugh even through all the dramas.