Rihanna when asked about getting songs to #1 - "I couldn't care less"

Hip Hop Hollywood 30/06/2017

Rihanna - aka the girl with 14 US #1 singles - says she could not care less if her songs reach the #1 spot or not.

Cara Delevigne is a model and actress who is currently gracing the cover of popular magazine, Glamour for her work in her latest film. During the interview she was asked about working with our girl Rihanna on the film.

"I've seen her work in the studio, in concert, in meetings. But to see her act was incredible. There was a moment when [Luc Bensson, director] was trying to make her cry, to be emotional. 

He was like, 'Imagine that you get told your song hasn't gone to number one and your performance is really bad.'... And she literally said,"

You're kidding me? I couldn't care less