Kendall Jenner writes apology to fans over Notorious B.I.G & Tupac tees

What's Fresh 30/06/2017

Kendall Jenner has spoken out over their controversial t-shirt designs that featured iconic rappers Biggie & Tupac and then Kendall & Kylie's faces over the top of them.

The backlash has been HUGE with many fans of the legends going IN on the Jenner girls for direspecting the icons. Even Biggie's mum, Mrs Wallace spoke out about how disrespectful the tops were.

Writing on her Twitter, Kendall wrote, "These designs were not well thought out and we deeply apologise to anyone that has been upset and/or offended, especially to the families of the artists. We are huge fans of their music and it was not our intention to disrespect these cultural icons in anyway.

The tee shirts have been pulled from retail and all images have been removed. We will use this as an oppurtunity to learn from these mistakes and again, we are very sorry."