Jaffas Lumps the latest confectionary hybrid to hit NZ shelves

What's Fresh 16/06/2017

Two of New Zealand's confectionary staples have been remixed into one, in the latest craze of combining much-loved treats into new novelties.

Pascall Pineapple Lumps and Cadbury's Jaffas have combined into 'Jaffas Lumps', which the company says is a "new, orange-flavoured sensation".

It's the latest hybrid confectionary product in a continuing trend, including Griffin's L&P biscuits, Whittaker's K Bar chocolate range and Toffee Pop Mallow Puffs.

"We're so excited to have taken the leap and combined these two amazing products which we think work really well together," Pascall spokesman Rohin Rosman says.

"People will find that Jaffa Lumps have the best of both worlds with the choc-orange flavour of the beloved Jaffa at its heart. It's a familiar yet different and delicious new taste experience."

Oddly, while the packaging clearly states 'Jaffas Lumps', Pascall's own marketing refers to them as 'Jaffa Lumps'. A spokesperson told Newshub either name is correct. 

The new product comes amid Mondelez International's planned closure of Dunedin's Cadbury factory in early 2018, with the loss of hundreds of jobs. Mondelez also owns the Pascall brand.

crowdfunding campaign to keep the manufacture of some key products, including Pineapple Lumps and Jaffas, in Dunedin has raised $5.3m.

Jaffas Lumps go on sale from Monday for a limited time.