Beyoncé turns Hollywood mansion into million dollar maternity ward

What's Fresh 12/06/2017

When you're pregnant, married to Jay-Z, and have a billion dollars lying around between the the both of you, it probably wasn't a hard to decision to build a maternity ward in your mansion.

Costing the couple £1 million (1,767,000 NZD), medical equipment from incubators to ‘an entire professional neonatal wing’ has been shipped to their Hollywood mansion.

Vans have been seen arriving at the home full of high-tech gear to aid the home birth, suggesting the due day is fast approaching.

Reports suggest that having the home birth will make sure drama is kept to a minimum, after patients in 2012 complained to the media that Beyoncé’s large entourage obstructed visitors when she gave birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé has not responded to requests to comment on her birth plan.