Anyone named Sam to get free rides on Uber

What's Fresh 20/06/2017

Anyone called Sam has a reason to celebrate, with Uber offering the name-bearers free rides for a week.

Uber says variations of the name are among the most popular on its service: "Everyone knows a Sam."

The promotion is for anyone with Sam in their name - whether it be Samantha, Samraj or Samara. The ride-service app is offering up to $20 a day off for the week starting July 3.

It's unclear how Uber plans to differentiate the real Sams from the scam Sams, as a name change on the app is fairly straightforward.

But the promotion isn’t just limited to Sams – if you know one who has signed up, they can pass on their “Sambassador” code to get you the same discount.

Sams who are keen on free rides have to sign up on Uber's website by the end of the month.