This internet has found the girl Usher was singing about in My Boo

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/05/2017

One of the greatest love songs ever is hands down Usher & Alicia Keys' 'My Boo'.

And now Twitter believes that they have the mysterious woman that inspired Usher's hit song.

Twitter user @AbneyCamryn tweeted a pic of her sister back in high school with a very young Usher. The pic was paired with the caption, "I'm dead my sis use to date usher in high school and she just now telling me this smh"

What's also trippy about it is that in Alicia Key's mirror is a picture of a girl and Usher, who oddly looks like the girl that tweeted's sister...

Then all sorts of Twitter users came out of the woodwork to show off how their family members also got with musical legends, including Tupac, Jay-Z and Beyonce.