This app will analyse texts to see if your crush is into you

Hip Hop Hollywood 17/05/2017

A brand new app could be hitting your phone and it's gonna liven up your love life.

The app, called Crushh, is designed to use algorithim's to analyse your text messages with your crush and interpret how much he or she likes you. The app has been developed from over 200,000 relationships and consultations with sociologists, psychologists, and dating experts, according to Mashable. The app is programmed to identify sentiments, punctuation, emoji usage, message length, and response rate, and will give you a crush score out of 5.

The app also tracks your relationship over time and can identify any changes in messaging behavior, which can pinpoint the moment your relationship made a turn for the better or worse. "It takes into account personal behaviours," Lee said. "Things like, the features he or she does and doesn't use. It looks at individual patterns prevalent in a person's messaging behaviour."