The Dessertalicious might be making a comeback!

What's Fresh 05/05/2017

Tip Top's Dessertalicious ice-cream was a popular treat back in the day. It's honey-comb ice-cream, chocolate mousse and sponge filling held a special place in the hearts of many Kiwis.

The ice-cream was discontinued a few years back prompting a Facebook page petitioning Tip Top to bring it back...

But now Tip Top have given fans of the ice-cream a sign of hope!

"Believe it or not" Tip Top said in a message to the 'Bring Back "Dessertalicious" Ice-Cream' "the discussion around bringing back this hugely popular flavour circulates our office on a very frequent basis, every time we start talking about new flavours we always talk about this one!"

"The reason we haven't been able to bring it back to date is that we don't have the machine that makes this amazing creation anymore and it's quite a specific one.

"We want you to know though, that it is still very much in our thoughts and we are always looking at ways we can get around it and bring back this much loved flavour, or deliver something even more mind blowing with our current set up."

"So don't give up hope just yet and we will keep you in the loop if we find a way to get this classic back on the shelves."

So all is not lost, fingers crossed we see a return of this Kiwi classic sometime soon!

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