LeBron James runs off court to grab beer during Raptors

Vids 02/05/2017

Since his early teens, there hasn't been much LeBron James couldn't do on the court.

So when he grabbed a beer on the side of the court during the playoffs match against the Toronto Raptors, not many batted an eyelid.

On his way to scoring 35 points and 10 rebounds in the Cavaliers 116-105 over the Raptors, LeBron was fouled on his way to the rim in the third quarter with his momentum taking him toward the bench.

He then grabbed the bottle off an attendant before having a sniff and then handing it back, to the amusement of his teammates and the commentators.

"My momentum took me to the sideline and I'm not gonna run over our beer lady and she had one in her hand so I took it out of her hand," James said.

"But I'm not much of a beer guy... If she had some red wine I would have definitely taken a sip."