Kiwi beauty Youtuber has gone viral with her Te Reo videos

What's Fresh 15/05/2017

A Kiwi Youtuber's videos have proved a hit and are gaining thousands of views, likes and comments - and it could be down to the fact of her epic point of difference to other beauty vloggers.

Miria Flavell's videos showcase her makeup skills and use Te Reo in majority of her videos. One of her earlier videos are shot using only Te Reo Māori.

"So proud to be sharing my language and culture with the world, even if it is through a Makeup Tutorial! What’s important to me is being able to help normalize Te Reo Māori in all aspects of our lives." Miria said in one of the bios of her videos.

Miria is a māmā to two beautiful tamariki and told 1News that she knew there was an appetite for these type of videos after thousands of people quickly liked her video on Facebook.

Awesome mahi, Miria!