Gin pulled from shelves after revealing 77% alcohol

Hip Hop Hollywood 04/05/2017

A quality assurance team found that some bottles of Bombay Sapphire had almost double the amount of alcohol in them than what was advertised, Vice is reporting.

If you've been drinking Bombay Sapphire and felt like you were getting a little more drunk than you usually would when you're drinking responsibly, well that is because some of the bottles were A LOT stronger than what they were advertised. So if anyone says to you that you were acting way too drunk, well now you can blame it all on the gin.

This did however go down in Canada and we are unsure if this went down in Aotearoa or not, but the Quality Assurance  in Canada says "This recall was initiated after an investigation by LCBO Quality Assurance revealed a deviation in the stated 40 percent alcohol content by volume," reads a news release by the board. "The affected lot... has alcohol content by volume of 77 percent."