Eminem helps raise over $2mil for Manchester victims

What's Fresh 29/05/2017

Eminem has been one of the many celebs who have helped raise $2 million for the victims of the Manchester bombings that happened at an Ariana Grande concert last week.

As said in Complex, 'Eminem is one of the big names helping lead the way on that front. He shared a link on his Twitter page to a fund set up by the Manchester Evening News and British Red Cross, imploring followers to join him in donating money to help:The Detroit native using social media to help promote the cause is significant, because he tends to shy away from social media use in general. Most of his feed is dedicated to promoting tours or upcoming work of his, including a tease for the upcoming anniversary edition of The Eminem Show. Taking the time to lend his voice to the cause shows you how seriously he’s taking it.'