Cyclone Donna now category 5, breaks global record

What's Fresh 08/05/2017

A tropical cyclone that's currently passing over the Pacific Islands has had its rating increased to Category 5, according to US government data.

The increase makes Cyclone Donna the most powerful Southern Hemisphere cyclone ever recorded in May.

Wind gusts of up to 260km/h have contributed to the increase, with air pressure dropping overnight in Fiji to 948hPa - and CNN say it could now be even lower.

Cyclone Donna is expected to weaken as it heads towards New Caledonia over the next two days.

Vanuata's Torba province was ravaged by the storm over the weekend, with homes and other buildings damaged.

The cyclone briefly doubled back on Saturday night, bringing severe winds and flooding to Vanuatu's northern islands before continuing its trajectory southwest.

Red Cross Vanuatu coordinator Dickinson Tevi told Newshub on Sunday the islands are experiencing major issues with water access and quality, after supplies in the north were contaminated during heavy downpours.

Access to fresh food is also anticipated to be a significant problem for the Pacific Island's affected areas.