Bow Wow's luxury living snapchat exposed

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/05/2017

Bow Wow is being absolutely roasted online after he was exposed for pretending to live the high life of luxury when in fact he is far from it.

He posted a pic of a private plane to Instagram, with the caption: "Travel day. NYX press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER." 

His followers quickly liked his post but when Twitter user @Al_Khee saw his post about the private jet and Bow Wow sitting ahead of him on a flight to New York, he knew he had to expose the fake rapper to the world.

And then the story of Bow Wow faking his lush life deepens, as Twitter found another example of him faking his way through social media. A few days prior, he posted a picture of another plane with the caption "Always on the move.... Getting ready for this growing up hip hop press tour. Lock in! #guhhatl" which looks oddly identical to a picture that a different Instagram users put up almost a year ago.

And yet another example was found when one Twitter user even appeared to find the origins of his latest Instagram: a generic Google Image result of an airport transportation service.