Where are they now? Musicians from the 00's

What's Fresh 26/05/2017

Remember those artists from back in the day that were HUGE and they blew up the music scene with some absolute fire tracks? But then they seemed to just dissapear completely off of the side of the earth? The likes of Soulja Boy is still there, trying to cling his way back to stardom, but what about the likes of Lil Romeo? J-Kwon?


In 2004 J-Kwon was front and center in the music spotlight thanks to his song “Tipsy” off his album Hood Hop, which peaked at #7 on The Billboard 200.

Since “Tipsy,” J-Kwon has released a follow up album in 2009, Hood Hop 2, which failed to hit with the music masses and a diss track directed at Odd Future and Pusha-T in 2013.

He also seems to love playing scratchies.

Lil Romeo

He released his debut single, My Baby, in April 2001. The song shot to the top of the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts, peaking at number 3 of the Hot 100. 

Lil Romeo now goes by the name of Maserati Rome and is still releasing the odd mixtape. Late last year, it was also reported that his own mother sued him for fraud as part of her divorce proceedings. Claiming that her husband, Master P, was storing money in one of Lil Romeo’s many companies.

Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana's second single, The Whistle Song blew up around the world and is his highest charting single to date. 

These days Juelz has come out saying he wants to make his mark on 2017, he's dropped two singles earlier in the year and says that he's got a lot more in the pipeline.


Kelis hit the big time in 2003 with her single 'Milkshake'. She recorded a couple albums afterthat, none of which reached the level of success that Milkshake did. She then took a break from the recording studio to become a chef and is now about to open her very own restaurant.

Pretty Ricky

Pretty Ricky first rose to fame with the release of their debut album, Bluestars (2005). Over the years, their music has been featured in various movies including Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005), Super Sweet 16: The Movie (2007), and Step Up 2: The Streets (2008). These days it's rumoured that Pretty Ricky will be releasing a new studio album- their first since 2009. Although the title has not yet been revealed, the band has since released one of its singles, What that Mouth Do. 

Lil Jon

Lil Jon was the lead of the group Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz and they produced a variety of hits in the early 2000's. While 'Crunk' died pretty quickly into their success, Lil Jon eventually got back on themusic bandwagon and featured on some songs lik Drink with LMFAO and Turn Down For What with DJ Snake. Apparently he is now living it up in Vegas doing the odd club work.


Sisters Farrah, Felisha, Fallon and Neosha came on the scene in 2003 with their first single 'Miss P' that pretty much flopped. Then they featured on the Power Puff girls soundtrack before release their hit single 'Do It To It' which blew up a few years later. These days the group has kind of split musically. The twins continue to make music, with one recently being spotted in the studio with Sevyn Streeter. The twins even hinted at a reality show last year. The other two are both mums and wifes and are focussing on that.


He started his music career back in '96 with R&B group Dru Hill and then broke out to do his own thing, creating three solo albums, his most recent being released in 2015. in an interview with The Real, he revealed it will be his last as he wants to try film and TV. But he's also hinted at a possible Dru Hill reunion (November marks their 20th anniversary). The talented singer is much more than the "Thong Song," so hopefully he will drop new music with Dru Hill soon.

J. Holiday

Debuting in 2007, J. Holiday quickly became popular with his songs Bed, It's Yours, Suffocate & Be With Me but just because he had hits and started at around the same times as Trey Songz and The Dream, it doesn't mean he lasted as long in the music scene and since his last album in 2014 it seems he's pretty much fallen off of the face of the earth.


Lloyd burst on the music scene as part of a pre-teen group called N-Toon back in 2000 and then went solo in 2004. Lloyd's last album was released in 2011 and in 2015 he had a one-off track "Girl From the South,". And he did try his (cringeworthy) hand at rapping in 2014, but otherwise he's pretty done with music. These days he steadily posts Instagram thirst traps under his IG name (@curlyheadedblackboy). 

Ray J

Poor Ray J it seems he is forever going to be known as Brandy's brother or Kim Kardashian's ex... But he's still doing better than a lot of the people on this list in terms of keeping in the spotlight. In 2013 he dropped a real petty diss track and is on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. He recently got married to Princess Love, who has just vowed to divorce him if he cheats with her on Celebrity Big Brother which he is about star on.


112 made a name for themselves as one of the top male r&b groups of the 90’s, but broke up following their 2005 album “Pleasure & Pain” and each went to work on solo albums. Although the group has reunited in recent years to tour, they continue to work on solo albums and there’s been no talk of a new group project.