Taika Waititi hides 'Skuxx Life' message in Thor trailer

Hip Hop Hollywood 11/04/2017

The online film world is overjoyed with the trailer for Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok, with one eagle-eyed fan even discovering a Hunt for the Wilderpeople Easter egg in it.

Marvel released the video online early on Tuesday morning and it's quickly racked up millions of views.

Popular film blogs Birth Movies Death and Slash Film call the trailer "mindblowing" and "offbeat and colourful and weird and funny", respectively.

"We'll be damned if it's not even more eyepoppingly bright and overflowing with personality than we expected it to be," writes Scott Wampler on Birth Movies Death.

On Twitter, Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson pointed out the 'Skuxx Life' graffiti, which she spotted as a huge Waititi fan - and was no doubt thrilled when the Boy director himself retweeted her.