Man attacks man with shovel over Kendrick & Tupac

Hip Hop Hollywood 12/04/2017

Two men in the US took a disagreement over music to extreme levels, with police responding to their fistfight over who is better: Tupac or Kendrick Lamar.

The pair came to blows in the town of Falmouth, Maine during the impassioned discussion, with one even attacking the other with a shovel.

"Two men fought over who was the best music artist, 2Pac or K-Dot (Lamar)," Falmouth police said in a statement.

"A preliminary investigation did reveal that an argument over who was the 'best music artist' led to one man punching another man. The second man then retrieved a shovel, and before striking the other man both men were told to leave the property."

Tupac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend while Lamar's fourth album, DAMN, is set for release this week.

Falmouth police say no arrests were made over the fight, but inquiries are continuing.