Kendrick Lamar to drop another album this weekend

What's Fresh 15/04/2017

Our ears were treated yesterday when Kendrick dropped his brand new album, 'DAMN.' with 14 brand new Kung Fu Kenny tracks including one with Rihanna and one with U2.

But now the internet rumour mill is swirling with news that Kendrick is going to drop a second album this weekend.

A comment on Facebook that justifies this rumour is absolutely mindblowing - check it below.

"Sunday April the 17th boys, It's happening.

Kendrick "dies" in this album. He gets shot in the intro and it goes full circle on the last track. Jesus died and was resurrected 3 days later on Easter. Easter is 3 days from now. Kendrick is Jesus and will be resurrected in 2 days with a new album.

But wait there's more.

Sounwave tweeted this today. DAMN. represents the red pill. The background of the album art is red bricks. Today Kendrick changed his spotify picture to a background with blue bricks.

Red pill and Blue pill.
Crips and Bloods.
TOC = The Other Color

Also, The Heart Part IV lyrics: "Dropped one classic right back. Another classic right back".

"So damn great motherfucker I've died/What you're hearing now is a paranormal vibe". This references both artists like Biggie and Pac who have died and are considered the greats, and also his "death".

Album starts with a story. At the end of the story on the first track he gets shot and dies.
And the end of the last track on the album it rewinds and starts the story again.
The second album will be the second telling of the story but instead of dying he will live.
Toward the end of track one it just says "is it wickedness..." but it doesn't say "is it weakness..." meaning what is going to continue is the "is it wickedness... " part first and only.

Also, 14 tracks, 14 stations of the Cross, 14th of April."

Who's got goosebumps? Cos we are shook. Kung Fu Kenny back at it again. Let's see if this rumour is true and see if we will be blessed with even more Kendrick Lamar this Easter weekend.