Aussie woman's bizarre road rage caught on camera

Vids 07/04/2017

A road rage incident in Australia has become a viral sensation after footage of an angry driver's inexplicable shrieking was posted on Facebook.

The video was posted by Victoria resident Jake Mandas on Wednesday night, and has now received more than 2.5 million views and 54,000 reactions.

It shows a woman pulling up to a set of traffic lights and unleashing a verbal tirade at Mr Mandas.

"You'll pull out and cause an accident! Take my photo, you're the one that pulled out, and I've got your car number!" the woman can be heard yelling.

"You'll cause an accident! Yeah! Record it! Two can play at your game!" she says, in her desperation to retaliate after becoming aware she is being filmed.

However, it's not the words themselves that have propelled the video to viral status, but the delivery; the woman, clearly very upset by Mr Mandas' driving, unleashes her tirade in a tormented fashion, letting out a shrill shriek every time she opens her mouth.

The caption that accompanies the video on Facebook compares the woman's strange voice to an "ancient language".