Fans are speculating that Beyonce got lip injections

Hip Hop Hollywood 22/03/2017

Beyhive fans are starting to swarm on rumours that Beyonce has had her lips done after recent selfies.

We aren't going to lie, they are looking A LOT fuller than before.

All the lip drama started after Beyoncé uploaded a bunch of selfies to her website from her trip to see the Alvin Ailey dance company a couple weeks ago.

Gossip mags have been going in on these rumours, of course. And it is true that Bey is really good at hiding stuff. She's dropped two albums under everyone's nose and surprised us all with twins - so maybe she secretly got her lips done...?

But then, we are also torn because of pregnancy lips. Kim Kardashian had a case of them.

Going back to Bey tough, we think we're going to settle for the fact that she has a serious case of pregnancy lips and has overdrawn them too.