Chance The Rapper surprises school kids at careers day

Hip Hop Hollywood 27/03/2017

Just a few weeks after he donated a whopping $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, Chance The Rapper is back at it again but this time heading to a intermediate aged school's careers fair.

A 9 year old boy told news sources that chance talked to the whole school after lunch about his rap career and what led him to his success.

All the kids were super happy to met their hero.

“He spoke to all of us about his career and told us to stay in school,” said Joanne Tablas, 13, who snuck out her phone to Snapchat while Chance spoke for about 10 minutes. 

“He inspired us to try to make our dreams come true. It was exciting,” said student Ethan Nguyen, 12. 

Amarian Peoples, 14, won a raffle and got to shake Chance’s hand and speak with him briefly.

“He just said keep your head up and stay positive.”

Awesome work, Chance! Our tamariki are our future.