Beyonce gives us clue as to what sex her babies could be

Hip Hop Hollywood 14/03/2017

Beyonce Knowles is the queen when it comes to subtle hints. 

Like last year when she dropped Lemonade out of nowhere. But although it came as a surprise to us, Bey had been dropping hints constantly on her social media, but nobody caught on.

And the it also seems she was lowkey hinting that she was adding two new wee babies to the Carter family.

And nowwww... the Beyhive has their eyes peeled, examining every post that Beyonce puts up, looking for any clues of what's to come.

And one smart Twitter user has figured out that beyonce may be hinting at what the sex of her twins are after seeing pictures from her at her stepdad's birthday.


Do you think this is legit? Or is this Twitter user going a bit too far...