Artist builds a Beyoncé cheese statue, names it Brie-oncé

Hip Hop Hollywood 31/03/2017

Queen Bey has been imotalized in the form of a cheese statue because why not?

Sculptor David Bradley teamed up with art group the Robin Collective to recreate pop Bey's famous pregnancy photograph ... in cheese.

They have named the creation Brie-oncé, despite the fact that the cheese is actually mild cheddar - a whopping 20 kilos of it.

"A lot of cheese puns floated around, and Brie-oncé was the one everyone liked the most," Robin Collective creative director Brandy Klingelpuss told CNN.

It took 28 hours to make, and will be presented at the East Village Cheese and Wine Festival in London this weekend.

The Robin Collective posted a photo of the cheesy sculpture on Instagram, with a fire pun to go with it: "If you like it you GOUDA put a ring on it!"