Warriors boys rescue man who fell overboard near Takapuna

What's Fresh 21/02/2017

Shaun Johnson has spilled the beans on the Warriors boys life-saving venture.

Yesterday while out on a fishing charter, the Warriors boys recieved a mayday call over their charter boats radio that somebody in a boat near them had fallen off and been swept into a current and out of sight from the boat he was on.

The guy was treading water for "half an hour, 20 minutes at least" before the Warrior boys spotted him.

The Warrior's charter boat couldn't get too close to him as they were on far too bigger vessel, but they all kept their eyes on him.

Eventually, police boats arrived and as the young man was pulled on to the deck of the police boat, he collapsed and started yelling.

"We were all just standing there in silence. Then a radio call came through and said 'good job boys, this is him' and we just went off we just went crazy."