Travis Scott falls through stage at Drake concert

Vids 03/02/2017

Canadian rapper Drake has shown extraordinary generosity to his fans by offering to reimburse the cost of their concert tickets after fellow hip-hop artist Travis Scott fell through a hole in the stage.

Playing to a crowd of 20,000 at the O2 Arena in London as part of his 'Boy Meets World' tour, Drake was performing with Scott before the latter tripped, breaking part of the set.

After a few seconds of confusion, Drake is heard saying that Scott's fall was "turnt".

The fall didn't result in any injuries for Scott, but it meant that a large globe central to the stage set-up was damaged.

He later took to social media to describe the show as "fun", saying the fall was "by far [some] of the most turnt and epic s**t ever".

After Scott had been helped out of the hole, Drake announced to rapturous applause that he was "doing this s**t for free" and that he'd deal with the expense later.

He later reiterated his promise to do the gig for free, saying "London, England, I love you - I hope you enjoyed your free show".

There's been no word yet whether the O2 Arena will actually reimburse the ticket costs - though any expense to Drake is unlikely to be of much concern to him, as he's estimated to be worth more than $80 million.